Shazad Khalid

Shazad Khalid, founder of Makrooh (a platform for British Muslim Artists) is a Walthamstow based freelance Visual Artist specialising in film, photography and creative producing.

With a history in artist and project development, Shazad set up Makrooh to better represent British Muslim narratives and to create spaces to nurture and platform the voices of tomorrow. Through film, photography, poetry, music and more, Makrooh aims to bring megaphones to those who thought themselves voiceless. 

Shazad joined the Muslim Cultural Forum in 2018 when he saw an opportunity to engage further with the local community and continue to work towards creating safe and nurturing spaces to dissect and evaluate ideas of belonging through the arts. Shazad hopes that the forum, with the support of the local council and collaborating partners, can continue to foster positive change and assertive action towards more diverse representation. 

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