Juma Harding-Dimmock

Juma Harding-Dimmock is a London based artist and illustrator. The narratives within her work focus on mankind’s interaction and reaction to the world, exploring social and political issues, combined with nature and spirituality. Using layers of symbolism within each piece pulling references from sacred geometry, floriography, native symbols, to classical paintings. 

Juma is currently working on a project funded by the Arts Council England, exploring concepts of race, belonging and identity. She is looking to make the work accessible for SEN and visually impaired audience.

Juma studied BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins-The University of the Arts London.  Juma is also apart of Variant Space, a collective of internationally acclaimed female Muslim artist.

She has curated various exhibitions, working with the Faith and Belief Forum 2019, Lake of Stars 2018, DOT-developing our traditions  2017-2019. Walthamstow Garden party 2019 and Waltham Forest Borough of Culture 2019. Her objective is to give POC a platform and space to be seen and heard within the art world. 

Juma is the project manager of Waltham Forest Muslim Cultural Forum for the Walthamstow Garden Party In the Air.  The WFMCF aims to build bridges between diverse artistic communities in Waltham Forest.

Contact Juma via email - Juma.h.dimmock@gmail.com

Visit Juma Harding-Dimmock: Instagram