Dao Lu

Dao Lu CIC is a community group that runs Tai Chi training sessions and promotes a healthy lifestyle in local parks and green space in Waltham Forest. Since its set up in 2013, Dao Lu has reached many local people and beyond to train Tai Chi regularly connecting our body and mind with nature. Alongside daily classes across Waltham Forest, Dao Lu also run programmes in day centres, care homes and works with organisations for disabled people. During the lockdown, Dao Lu has expanded its virtual programme including Tai Chi, fitness, meditation, pilates and yoga.

What is the best creative 'hack' you have discovered during lockdown?
We are doing much more Tai Chi training and other fitness sessions online! We also run a virtual chat room where we connect with people with various talents that we can draw upon; such as drawing skills, sharing healthy lifestyle practices and raising awareness of various disabilities. During the lockdown, we have got to know each other so much better and have learned a lot from each other!

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