AbdulMaalik Tailor

AbdulMaalik Tailor, a convert to the Islamic faith is Britain’s first professionally qualified Muslim tour guide, and founder of Muslim History Tours. AbdulMaalik's tours specialise in Halal travel and Muslim heritage of Britain, with a range of inspiring guided tours in galleries, museums, on sightseeing buses and the streets of Britain distinctively wearing his Fez hat.

AbdulMaalik was commissioned to conduct an Islamic tour for Tate Britain which attracted record-breaking numbers. He has also taken part in Jorvik Viking Festival – one of the largest Viking festivals in the world as Ibn Fadlan, someone who interacted with the Vikings.

For the first London Borough of Culture, AbdulMaalik curated and led culinary tours across Waltham Forest. He also curated the Islamic Arts & Heritage Festival a full weekend of exhibitions, arts and crafts workshops, sightseeing bus tours, film, performances and family activities.

He presents a weekly radio show called British Muslim History Show on ReviveFM entertaining listeners about hidden Muslim historical gems of Britain. As part of this quest he discovered London’s first public Eid prayers of 1894 which has been commemorated by a blue plaque and separately London’s first mosque of 1894.

AbdulMaalik Tailor is considered by Emerald Network as one of the 100 Inspiring Muslims. 

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