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Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest

Until Mon 31 Aug

Use the player above to listen to Episode 1 and 2 of Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest, 1989-1994 which broadcast live on East London Radio on 18 & 19 July as part of Walthamstow Garden Party In The Air.

Sweet Harmony: Radio, Rave & Waltham Forest, 1989-1994 is a project funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund, which documents and celebrates the history of pirate radio and rave in the borough during the period 1989-1994.

Oral history interviews conducted in 2019 include: Bizzy B, Roy Balfourth, Chelsea-Louise Berlin, Linden C, Andy Clockwork, Merry Collins, Dlux, DJ Louise, DJ Rap, Nicky Dungeons, Vicki Edwards, Adrian Hall, Joel Harrison, Kier Hawkins, Stephen Hebditch, Claire Henderson, Ronnie Herel, Marlon Guildford, Gordon Mac, MC Navigator, Jessie Grace Mellor, Chris Pilling, Roger the Doctor, Slipmatt, Steve B, Adam S, Ian S, Mike Stone, Tim Strudwick and Warlock. These can be listened to in full by appointment at Waltham Forest Archives and Local Studies Library at Vestry House Museum.

You can hear a behind the scenes taster of this project including an interview with one of the curators, Katherine Green, as part of the Walthamstow Garden Party In The Air radio programme with East London Radio. 

Click here to tune into East London Radio and check out the full 

This project is produced by Rendezvous Projects