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Radio Highlights, Barbican Music Hour & Cultural Keyworkers

Until Mon 31 Aug

Listen right here for a 1hr highlights edit of the show that was broadcast live on East London Radio on 18 & 19 July 2020. A 4 hour highlights show was also broadcast on Soho Radio on 26 July to 12,000 live listeners.

You can also have a listen to music from the Walthamstow Garden Party archives in the Barbican Music Hours. These Garden Party-inspired playlists were curated by Barbican Music Contemporary programmers Chris Sharp and Bryn Ormrod, who give us glimpses into the programming process and the reasons behind their choices. Produced by Julia Baker.

Finally, join producer Therese Ramstedt as she interviews heroes of the local community who are providing essential cultural services. In episode 1, Therese speaks to Vicki Busfield, Maiya Leeke and Shyne Phiri from Dash Dot Dance, Dr Chris Odedun from music takes me up, as well as Katy Thompson and Jess Tunks from Streetbase Waltham Forest. In episode 2 we hear from Mhairi and Toby from Blackhorse Workshop, artist Sakshi Gupta, Usman Khalid from Haven Coffee, Drumworks’ Jenny Beer as well as Akashi, one of the group’s 'Drum Heads'.

To listen to the full radio show visit On Air with East London Radio on What's On. For individual podcasts visit the What's On pages.

This radio show was produced in partnership with East London Radio