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Are we Floating or Falling?

Until Mon 31 Aug

A new dance film created by inclusive dance company DashDotDance for Walthamstow Garden Party In the Air.

"Are we Floating or Falling?" takes its inspiration from the seeds of sycamore trees that are known as helicopter seeds. These seeds have helicopter blade shaped wings that, as they break away from the tree and one another, spiral, float and fall towards the earth.

Working in a new socially distanced and tech-focused way, DashDotDance brought together six freelance artists, several of whom who have never met, to make up the creative team. Through numerous texts, emails, voice notes and video calls, the team members developed the piece in close collaboration whilst in isolation. The choreography and music composition explored the different dynamics of helicopter seeds floating, breaking away, spiralling and falling. Tasked with filming themselves on location in their own homes, viewers will see how the dancers responded to the theme and music in unconventional dance spaces.

"Are we Floating or Falling?" features performances by professional dancers Maiya Leeke and Shyne Phiri to an original composition by AudiophiliacUK (aka bobby demers). The dancers’ self-captured footage was brought together by film editor Floyd Konde and producer Vicki Busfield (DashDotDance) with project support from assistant Jasmine Hall.

Enjoyed watching and feel inspired to get creative? DashDotDance is providing you with all the tools you need to have a go at making your own dance at home. Follow the four video tasks to create your own moves and see if you can spiral, fall and float like the sycamore helicopter seeds!

DashDotDance would love to see your creations so please share your videos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #WGPInTheAir #FloatingorFalling and tag @DashDotDance

This project is produced by DashDotDance.

Image credit - Floyd Konde