This is a past event

Until Mon 31 Aug

Artist and weaver Rezia Wahid MBE invites you to create your own moving "airtwiglooms" with materials you can find at home, in your garden, in the park or in the forest. Through Rezia’s instructional video you will learn the art of how to loom, too. 

Rezia Wahid MBE will also be giving you an insight into the special creation of a woven installation and its movement with air using mixed media materials in her new film Air Looms in the Forest. Wahid's installation film explores the themes of "In The Air", lockdown and how the forest became a safe place and a continued source of inspiration. Airlooms is part of Woven Air.

Check back on this page to watch Air Looms in the Forest film.

Share your AirTwiglooms’ across social media using the hashtag #WGPintheair and please keep them for Woven Air 2021.

Airlooms by Rezia Wahid was commissioned by the Waltham Forest Muslim Culture Forum in partnership with Barbican as part of  Walthamstow Garden Party In The Air.