Walthamstow Acoustic Massive

Walthamstow Acoustic Massive (WAM), is a collaboration of acoustic instrumentalists and singers (banjo, ukulele, violin, voice) from Waltham Forest, co-founded and run by professional musicians Alison Jones and Dick Smith together with choir director,  Isabelle Adams

With over 60 members brandishing the motto,'It's never too late!' WAM has evolved as a powerful musical community, encouraging adults to rediscover their love for music in a supportive environment, while giving the opportunity to perform alongside world-class professional musicians. Since 2011, this diverse orchestra has become known for its unique combination of instruments, arrangements and distinctive style, inspiring players to rekindle their passion for music, boosting confidence and self esteem. WAM has appeared at over 12 festivals across East London, supported by BBC Performing Arts Fund and Arts Council England.  It's not just about performing: it's about being part of a social network of like minded people, no matter what the age.  


WAM runs under the parent body of Shapeshifter Productions, a registered charity