Grandad’s Island

Dance it… Move it… Craft it… Sing it… Make it… Grow it… Bring it to Grandad’s Island
Inspired by Grandad’s Island, the award-winning picture book by local author-illustrator Benji Davies, will you join us in launching this ambitious project at Walthamstow Garden Party?

Be among the first of thousands of residents to transform their familiar public spaces in Waltham Forest with the journeys, camaraderie, treasured curiosities, and vivid ecology of this picture book. Enjoy the book with neighbours, friends, your choir, your dance group, your gardening club - it’s available in 33 languages - and let us know what it inspires you to create together. Share the early stages of your creation at the Walthamstow Garden Party and spend the summer collaborating to make your contribution to a multi-arts story trail happening 4-13 October across the borough.

Tell us your ideas: [email protected] / tel: 07947 275774
The book: Grandad’s Island by Benji Davies, published by Simon & Schuster

More details coming soon.