Keep It Green

This year we are looking to improve sustainability on Fellowship Island with a view to extending beneficial practices across the wider event in future years. The purpose of this sustainability pilot is to: 

•           Reduce waste, maximise recycling and minimise the environmental impact of the event.

•           Use the event to promote a green, inclusive culture in Waltham Forest.

•           Create opportunities to make Fellowship Island financially sustainable.

•           Ensure the event is a safe, welcoming place for the public. 


As a first step we are asking traders, partners, organisations and event-goers to reduce, reuse and recycle their resources during the planning and delivery of the event. These are the key objectives for 2017: 

•           To minimise plastic packaging e.g. plastic bottled water, plastic bags, plastic cutlery. 

•           To minimise waste – working with traders and partners to judiciously plan resources.

•           To maximise recycling opportunities e.g. for traders’ wet waste, event-goers’ waste. 

•           To minimise power requirements and use clean energy where possible. 

•           To minimise road and air miles e.g. by prioritising local traders.

•           To encourage responsible sourcing e.g. Fairtrade, organic.

•           To maximise access and encourage inclusivity.

•           To ensure the event is safe.

•           To make the island as financially self-sufficient as possible.


If you are planning to attend WGP as a member of the public what can you do to contribute to these goals? 

•           Bring a reusable water bottle that can be refilled with water at the water points.

•           Use reusable bags for your belongings, food and drink. 

•           Walk, cycle or use public transport to get to the event.

•           Don’t litter: throw your waste away in the correct bin to ensure it will be recycled. 

•           Spread the word and encourage others to follow our suggestions